On Monday, Sept. 14, RCKT. hosted its first official Digital Disruptors Klassentreffen in conjunction with Gründerszene. 25 of Berlin’s most digital thinkers from leading companies were invited to our Gendarmenmarkt office to get to know one another, exchange ideas and learn from one another. Among the attendees were Christian Henschel (adjust), Fabien Nestmann (Uber), Felix Scharf (Volkswagen) and Katja Gross (Messe Berlin).

Some of the topics that were discussed:

  • How can established corporations and companies best learn from the startups and their agile mindsets?
  • Digital change: are companies best utilizing the tools and resources available?
  • How can the new and old economies come together, learn from each other and create synergies for going forward?

The topic of digitalisation was the central theme to the event. It’s a core belief of our agency, which serves to shepherd startups and traditional enterprises into a modern age of internet and technology. But the process is much more than a few technical solutions. As co-founder Nils Seger put it back in June at Gründen heute, digitalisation is not just a website. It requires a complete rewiring of our cultural mindset.

All photos taken by RCKT.’s Max Ciechanowski.