To stay inspired (and entertained) in our coffee breaks, we’ve introduced our newest team member -our iPad, sitting in the sweet spot of our lounge. We’ve started a thing where anyone can upload their latest favourite app so we can all play with it and vote on our favourite ones. It’s just an experiment for now and we’ll cover our favourite discoveries on a weekly basis as long as they’re worth mentioning – so stay tuned for some fun.

Here’s what the first week delivered: some good stuff from organizing tools to simple games. Let us know what you thought, or if we missed something hot in the comments below. Enjoy!

1.   MSQRD

MSQRD jumped on the chance to bring Leo-with-an-Oscar to the world, before Leo ever got his Oscar. The app takes a photo of your face and turns you into anything from Leo to a polar bear or a diver and even Barack Obama. This is so great we tried it on every single person in the office – just check Simon-Leo out!


  1. Pocket

Ever complained about bad layout of your favourite online mag? The content can be fine, but between ads and small fonts it’s often hard to enjoy it. Pocket is an add-on to your browser that collects interesting articles in a folder and makes them look nice and clean.


  1. Super Sharp

Lunch breaks are nice for food, coffee, cigarettes or a nice chat, but a lot of us enjoy having a little competition. Even if you were bad at physics in school, you will enjoy the perspective this game offers you. Cutting big elements into smaller pieces and using gravity to hit a tiny target on the bottom is the challenge. It starts easy but becomes a brain wrecker soon enough…


  1. Score Hero

Football is everywhere and games on playstation are dominating the market here. However, one mobile game that is captivating football fans is Score Hero. The key to the addiction is storytelling. You start as a fresh talent, playing for a small club and grow your career through transfers, championships and international games.


  1. Rop

Another game that demands a little IQ. Rop is a simple game where you have to rebuild shapes with a rope. Same as with Super Sharp: it starts easy but gets exponentially trickier. Sure to provide a geek-out for you and your colleagues. Don’t go cheating now and look for the solutions on YouTube… (woops!)