Happy New Year, brands and communicators! Finally sobered up and excited for the super digital 2017? You better be, because there are some major trends to follow if you plan to survive. As most of you may have noticed, 2016 brought us some hints of what’s next to come. So be reminded of some of the hottest s***:

This year, Digital out of Home gets really big as it will be easier to deliver compelling brand experience at diverse public places. Thanks to new mediators you can make sure your advert reaches specific digital billboards flexibly and in real time. So better mention DOOH in your next “Future Visions” meeting.

When it comes to more traditional online ads, you can now target your message on point using PA (programmatic advertising) (you can google what that means!). As a real-time algorithmic sale of ad space, it definitely helps to show your product online to the right people at the right time. Sounds also great, hey? PR-wise, influencer marketing remains a pretty reliable way to get your word spread. Just pick the right one, for example Beyoncé for lifestyle and fashion (What, too expensive? Start with Bonnie Strange!).


Don’t babble


These are only a few of 2017’s highlights but what’s most important? Although the future will give us plenty of new digital means to promote our products, don’t be too surprised that the number 1 communication factor is the MESSAGE ITSELF. Especially in times of rather unstable situations in society and politics, people are down for some EMOTIONS. So you better provide RELEVANT CONTENT and a well-told story. Here’s some inspiration:



In case you cannot think about your own story, you may also relate to some old time classics and be FUNNY!:



In the case of  a troubled brand reputation, it is even allowed to be IRONIC about yourself!



Do connect


One of Berlin’s advertising gurus, Tom Daske, has introduced a whole new wisdom about brand communication (hello brand, 2016). He calls it BRANDSHIP because the relationship with brands and their customers works as simply as in real life: You might flirt with an a****** but you only marry the one who is serious about you.

That means the challenge for brands of today is not to attract people by creating attention or promoting small prices, it’s to build a real connection to them. So, no matter if your communication strategy focuses on influencers, DOOH, or PA (now you know what that stands for!), make sure you tell people why they need your brand in their life. Don’t bore them and most importantly, stop bugging them! Become FRIENDS with your customers!
…Of course you already know why brands in 2017 need RCKT, right? Exactly, because we are DIGITAL NATIVES! 😉

Autorin: Anne Strandt